Monday, June 2, 2008

Senior restroom cluttered, Internet access censored

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Access to the restroom on the west end of the building has been limited by storage of a rolling serving tray device for more than a week. Vacant space is available all over the building is for parking that piece of equipment. How can a person in a wheelchair or using a walker get to the toilet or the sink without help here?
Seniors must walk more than 100 feet to the office at the opposite end of the building and ASK for a connection wire before using computer online. Good exercise for some, but a bit of a hassle for those in wheelchairs, using walkers or carrying their oxygen bottles. Plugging the phone wire into the wall and into the appropriate orifice in the computer can be difficult for many people. For a person with a handicap of any kind, this can make use of the computer impossible. What possible excuse for this can anyone make?

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